As a recently engaged person, and someone who as been in her fair share of weddings (the character in 27 Dresses comes to mind), I consider myself to be somewhat of an expert on what the bride should gift her nearest and dearest.

monogrammed bridesmaid robes

While the temptation to get something with the word, "bridesmaid," "maid of honor," etc, is great, allow me to suggest a less wedding-centric alternative? Something that makes them think fondly of their dear (sometimes crazy) friend? 

If you give her something special to wear at the end of a long day, a bit of wearable wellness, she will cherish it - and you - for the foreseeable future. I realize I am slightly biased, but luxury loungewear is the gift that keeps on giving.

Some of our favorites include the Blair Pajama Top in Silk with matching Allison Pants in our Dandelion print, designed for us by Brooklyn-based Christine Joy Design (love to support our fellow lady entrepreneurs!). It's extremely versatile, can be worn in and out of the house, and feels delicious on. She will be forever grateful.

Not a pajama person? No problem! You can't go wrong with one of our robes. It's such a great gift, and something a girl rarely buys for herself. We especially love the Emma White Cotton Quilted Robe - it's just perfect year-round. Email us to have it monogrammed and make it that much more special.

We are also kind of obsessed with our furry slides... the Blush, Silver and Camel colors are all neutral and perfect for Spring and Summer wear, both indoors and out thanks to rubber soles!

Inspired to find a little something for the wedding night or honeymoon? Don't forget to take a look at our Bridal offerings ;)



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Kiss Me


Really, you are.

I've said it before and I'll say it, again: regardless of my relationship status, I love Valentine's Day. It's a silly holiday meant to remind you to appreciate the loved ones in your life, how gosh darn lucky you are to have love in all its forms. Cheesy - yes, a bit, but that doesn't make it any less true. Some ideas to enjoy the holiday:

  1. Remember when you made Valentines?
  2. Following this lady because she's always sending out love.
  3. One of my favorites. And it's PINK.
  4. I like to up the chocolate ante on Valentine's Day, and they do it best.
  5. Treating my mind to this.

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Pumpkins in a row

It’s getting colder, and with the change of weather comes an increased inclination on my part to stay indoors. With my pajamas selected and my pillows fluffed, here are 7 things I’ll be doing to elevate my Halloweekend in:

  • THANKFUL for this list of not-so-scary movies.
  • Impressing my guests (and myself) with these Martha-approved bones
  • and relying on Ina for the best truffled popcorn recipe to devour while watching the not-so-scary movies.
  • Pretending I have time to make my own candy corn (and just generally fascinated by the process).
  • I can’t think of a more appropriate beverage than Phantom wine.
  • Adding to the coziness with a decadent cup of Oaxacan hot chocolate.
  • Snuggling up with this luscious cashmere blanket.

Wishing you a spooktacularly cozy Halloween!



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Summertime Sunset

Aaaaaand it's already July 4th weekend.  The summer is flying by!  That's why we put together this Summer Chill mix.  We guarantee you will enjoy the sunshine and summertime while listening.  It's pretty much perfect.  

Happy Listening.  And Happy Fourth of July!


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During our trip to Japan, my family and I took the exceedingly efficient train from Tokyo up to Kyoto, and spent a couple of days exploring the city.  Kyoto was much quieter, with a more traditional Japanese culture than the modern, tech-y Tokyo.  

Samurai lessons and visiting the Kinkaku-ji (Golden Pavilion) were among the highlights, but we also just loved experiencing this beautiful and special town.

Hotel Entrance

The amazingly beautiful and serene hotel entrance

My brother and I during our Samurai lesson

My brother and I getting schooled in Samurai (and got to dress the part, #pajamainspo)

Japanese Wood Block Prints

Loved these traditional Japanese woodblock prints

 Kinkaku-ji (Golden Pavilion)

Kinkaku-ji (Golden Pavilion) - one of the most beautiful and serene places I've been lucky enough to visit

Heart-shaped Kyoto Taxi Topper

I couldn't resist sharing the heart-shaped toppers on the Kyoto taxi cabs!

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Christmastime in Tokyo.  I strongly recommend it.  It was such a treat to visit this incredible city with my family and explore it together.  Despite the cold, the city was festive and buzzing with hopes for the New Year. 

The Japanese culture places emphasis on ritual and respect, which effectively made each experience special, no matter how small, and reminded me of what AM is all about.

I did my best to narrow down hundreds of images to the ones below to give you a taste of Tokyo and, hopefully, inspire you a bit.

Wishing you a wonderful start to the New Year! xx

Tokyo Skyline Day


Hello Kitty Traffic Cones

Hello Kitty traffic "cones" - amazing

Sake Barrels

Collection of Sake Barrels for New Year's celebrations at the Meiji Shrine

Meiji Shrine

The Meiji Shrine

New Years wishes

New Year's wishes are written on these wooden plaques at the Meiji Shrine

Entrance to Imperial Palace Tokyo

Me and the fam in front of the first gate to the Imperial Palace

Tiny Bar Street

One of the only surviving streets from the Edo period, houses dozens of tiny bars


Sensō-ji (Asakusa Kannon) Temple entrance

Asakusa Temple Market

The market surrounding Sensō-ji

Kawaii Santas

Kawaii (cool) Santas in Shibuya

Murakami at Mori Art Museum

Taking in some Murakami at the Mori Art Museum


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