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How To Wake Up Refreshed

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legs wrapped in bed sheets


My husband likes blackout shades, while I prefer to know I can make my way back from the bathroom in the middle of the night without stubbing my toe. But we both agree that waking up with natural light is the best, least-jarring way to start the day. Be it an alarm clock that mimics the rising sun, or simply keeping your curtains raised an inch, give it a try and see if you come-to feeling more refreshed.

meditation rocks by the ocean


I know, it's the wellness buzzword du jour. But trust, from this not-morning-person to another, it makes a world of difference. Just sink down to the floor beside your bed and log your 5 minutes before you even brush your teeth. I need training wheels, so I prefer the guidance of an app, but I'm sure some of you can ride with your arms out and your eyes closed.

woman in pajamas holding a cup of coffee


Depending on who wakes up first, either my husband or I make coffee for the sleepyhead still in bed. I like it hot with 2 sugars, he likes it milky and iced. Regardless of your preference, give yourself the time, space and permission to enjoy your ritual beverage before rushing into the day.