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Things To Do In Quarantine, Vol. 4

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Things To Do In Quarantine, Vol. 4

For this edition of Things To Do In Quarantine (or TTDIQ), I give you a list focused entirely on the art of creating a delightfully chic, safe, and socially distant picnic. From what to bring, to what to eat, and (of course) what to wear, these tips work in the park, on the beach, or in the middle of your living space. 

1) The Picnic Basket. I’ve been on a never ending quest for one that is both large and durable enough, yet not awkward to carry. Extra points for one that’s easy to clean and pretty, too! Enter this number that is somehow all of the above. And, of course, you can use any bag big enough that won’t fall apart if it gets wet.

2) I don’t love the feeling of sitting in the grass and getting up with a soggy bottom, so I do love this mat that rolls up neatly and can be carried on the shoulder and not take up precious space in the basket. Now you have a chic, dry place to park it. 

3) I’m a reusable to-go dinnerware advocate. Between the scores of charming options out there and the many service items you probably already own, there’s really no reason to buy anything disposable. Here’s what I’ve got in my basket:

Glasses - These fluted, stackable glasses come in two sizes, and the many colors help ensure you always know which one is yours so you don’t unintentionally commingle germs. 
Plates - I’m big on nostalgia, and these melamine plates deliver. A bonus delight is watching the a-ha moment when someone realizes they’re not actually paper.
Napkins - I love this tea towel set. It’s a fun, modern take on the classic picnic check, and generously sized to take care of any emergency spills. And if utensils are required, I just wrap them up in these towels so they stay together and don’t clank around in the basket.
Beverage Cooler - Fill the largest size S’well bottle (25 oz.) with your drink of choice. Stays cold forever, no condensation, SO EASY!

4) The perfect picnic lunch? Something you pick up at the store, of course! I mean, haven’t you cooked enough? This is supposed to be a break for goodness’ sake. My favorite: an Italian-style antipasto situation.  

5) Ambience is important. The speaker on my phone is fine in a pinch, but the tinny sound that it projects can ruin a perfectly good playlist. This portable nugget is Scandinavian design at its best.

6) What to wear during this picnic, you ask? This frothy concoction transitions breezily from day to night. Pair it with one of these, a pair of these and your favorite set to snuggle into on cool summer nights and you’ve got yourself a capsule summer collection that’s ready for anything.

7) Other must-haves for a safe, socially distant picnic include, but are not limited to:  

A MASK!! Please don’t think it doesn’t make a difference. It very much does. It’s our duty to protect each other and this is the easiest way to do that. 
A HAT!! Let’s keep those fine lines and melasma at bay, shall we? Also, does anyone else find it challenging to layer a mask and sunglasses?
SUNSCREEN!! I’m very excited to try this new brand by an athlete I have long-admired. Chalky, sticky sunscreen, be gone! 
SUNGLASSES!! An added layer of protection that sends love everywhere you look. 
HAND SANITIZER!! I prefer the spray to the gel for it’s quick drying properties and versatility (I use it on my phone, keys, etc). Whatever your preference, make sure it’s always at the ready.


So get out there, keep your distance from others, soak up some relaxing vibes and come back refreshed and ready to get back to work!