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Things To Do In Quarantine, Vol.2

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Things To Do In Quarantine, Vol.2

1) For the adventurers who are starting to twitch, these classroom sessions do temporarily satiate my wanderlust. It's as if you're dreaming of a vacation but you're awake. 

2) It turns out that I absolutely do not have a green thumb. I have murdered - or maybe plantslaughtered? - the green things I brought home last month. I figure this hilariously titled book is sure to rectify my horticulturally challenged-ness.

3) This incredible house has earned a spot on my vision board.

4) The "Lipstick Effect" is in full effect with this chic compact. Organic ingredients, personalization and it's French, bien sûr! 

5) I made these because why the {expletive} not? Added chocolate and berry sauces for dunking which pair very nicely with the cinnamon sugar dusting. Plus, the kneading is highly therapeutic. Careful you don't overdo it.

That's a wrap for Vol. 2 of, "Things To Do In Quarantine!" Keep your thoughts coming - I love hearing from you! And if there is anything in particular you'd like to see next week, let me know by replying to this email.

Stay safe, and stay home.


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