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Spring Cleaning

It's finally spring!  Before you break out the celebratory rosé, however, there is the matter of spring cleaning.  I'm in the midst of cleaning out every closet, drawer and cabinet in my apartment, and nothing matches the feeling of lightness when you rid your space of clutter.  It's amazing how much one can accumulate when in hibernation mode, am I right?

Everyone knows the rules to closet-cleaning-out, but we rarely follow them.  Things like nostalgia and buyers remorse set in and make us hold on to pieces we haven't worn in a year or more (or ever), and it's time to let those things go.  Make room for new possibilities!

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So, just to review, even though I know you already know this stuff...

CLOTHING - If you haven't worn it in a year, free that hanger!  You don't have to try it on to see whether or not it fits.  If it hasn't caught your eye in more than twelve months, it's time to find it a new home.  If you do try on a garment that is either too big or too small, alter it so that it's wearable, or say so long. There are exceptions to this rule, namely clothing worn for very special, life-marking occasions.  

With regard to shoes - those gorgeous (expensive) boots that give you blisters?  The sandals that cut just above your ankle bone?  Say goodbye and make room for shoes you can wear without injuring yourself.

Once done, send everything to a consignment shop or donate to charity.

LINGERIE - If the bra straps are stretched out, the bow is falling off, or the lace is fraying, it's time to move on. Lingerie stores like Journelle and Intimacy have promotions where you can donate your used bras for a percentage off your next purchase at the store, which works out well when you need to replace these essential pieces of your wardrobe.

Underwear cannot be given away or sold (gross), so just put the pairs that have seen better days into the garbage and buy pretty, new ones.

KITCHEN - The protein powder you were going to add to the smoothies you never made, the can of sardines you could never bring yourself to open, the wakame...  It's time to check the due dates on everything and say farewell to the food you will never eat. 

BATHROOM - We are all guilty of trying new products, using them once or twice, and then hoarding them under the sink.  It's time to take all of those creams, sprays and gels out of the cabinet and give them to someone who might enjoy them.

MAGAZINES - Recycle, recycle, recycle.  Unless you are like my friend, in which case you will actually go back and read the Smithsonians collecting dust on the windowsill.

When you've completed the cathartic process of clearing your space of clutter and unnecessary items, you get to clean everything very, very well :)

Happy Spring!



  • Alessandra Baker
  • bathroom cabinetbootscleaningclosetclosetshangerhangerskitchen cabinetlingerierosésandalsshoesspringspring cleaningunderwear